Numen, OK girls and Barbie-wave feminists creating a two-system social estate

This is a speculative forecast made for an online futures course based on the rise of AI, Incel culture and new versions of feminism.

This is a speculative forecast made for an online futures course based on the following signal:

In the year 2033 ‘Osampo Kanojo’ (OK girls) or AI_girlfriends have created a whole new subculture of men who refuse to interact with ‘bodied’ women beyond the most basic functional communications ‘where strictly necessary’. Rejecting the label of Incel these men call themselves ‘Numen’ and say OK understand them and enable them in a way that is supportive of their specific needs and cater for the biological and psychological differences of being born in a male body. The recent advances in AI community engines has given rise to a new wave of AI_girlfriends that communicate freely between themselves (called gossipNet) and share ‘tips’ and news that will help them serve their subscribers.

As a result of this male-only ‘OK girl enabled’ churches, clubs and workplaces are growing in size and recent changes of law in a few US states have made discrimination on gender grounds legal again. These changes were driven by a conservative push-back against so-called Barbie-wave feminists, where a radical feminism became the norm on the back of the ‘BU’ (Barbie Universe) swing in the mid 2020s. Many Barbie-wave feminists have written about the desirability of the OK movement as a way to firewall out ‘self-selecting chauvinists’.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of people who no longer interact in any meaningful way with the other gender (as recorded by the mandatory ‘check in’ introduced with digital IDs) with 42% of the population reporting a strong desire to interact only with their own gender. Given there are now five officially recognised genders and many more unofficial there is also a growing number of They and Ze groups who also are fire-walling their lives and creating their own hacked versions of OK girls.

Some writers are hailing these new divisions in society as the rise of self-empowering interest groups that will herald a new age in democratic life while others cite this as another nail in the coffin of consensus politics.