A new playlist of 5 more electronic tracks on the theme of light and folding.


A new playlist for boxing day.

Light on soundcloud

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These tracks follow on in tone from 'Behind you now' but they more rhythically driven and more gentle. Some of these tracks, while never really sitting still, are some of the most pleasant I have made yet. Easy listening almost.

As always there is still a lot going on in them. I like layers in my music and often in these works there is a background layer that is drfiting in and out of focus as the foreground is more regular.

Progression is not driven by chord or melody. I see the movement in these tracks as folding and unfolding, like turning an object in your hand watching the different way that light gives the object dimaension, or a new aspect, a new way of seeing it.

In terms of working methods I relied a lot on modulation and rhythmic treatments of sounds I had creted by busking in a virtual modular environment (VCV rack or Voltage Modular) and then overlaid layers of crisp, minimal percussion and  melodic elements over that.

And my mixing and mastering is getting better, slowly!