Tempus Fidget

Tempus Fidget

A new playlist here, seven tracks.

As usual I have worked on something for quite a while and then procrastinated on pushing the send button. This time it was about fiinding a title. Until the phrase Tempus Fidget came to me I was a bit stuck. A few other titles had been sloshing around in my brain for a while, like 'Base metals' as there are a lot of metallic (FM) sounds in here but then that seemed to be too cheap a description.

Tempus Fidget seemed to capture the alternating nervy push of some of the tracks with the slower but still unsettled tracks. Not settling. A good theme for this and a nest summary of the uncertainty of creating these tracks. They are not exactly genre, not danceable, not singable. As always I seem to be fixated on conjuring an atmosphere that is not entirely comfortable or pleasant but is no where near noise, protest or industrial. I think these tracks are like unsettling postcards - just before you pick them up they seem normal, but on closer inspection they are slightly off, or uncanny. Maybe a little like those pictures you get out of stable diffusion that look normal but where everyone has six fingers or a backwards facing foot.

That's a clue to the short, slightly unpleasant titles too - I wanted a slightly queasy feel to it.

Two of the tracks have spken audio in them; one from a scanner web relay of some cancdian service channel with some class A bitching on it and another from an online station that plays very old radio plays. I like this interaction of found dialogue and music, adds a nice dimension, though it does involve a lot of random listening to internet radio channels.