To Vauxhall

To Vauxhall

This is a proem from my 'Direction of travel series'.

Written pre-pandemic I wrote it moslty on my knee during a commute, so it is very much about what was around me that day and quite discursive, which hopefully is part of its charm!

I made a video for the instagram version -  spent an hour hacking up and colouring a video I found from a tourist on Youtube. The original contained lots of commentary like 'omg this is insane'. There is a woman in it who is justifiably suspicious of the guy shooting the video - I gave her a long freeze frame - but this being The Tube she doesn't say anything. Her look says a lot.

Of course it is illegal to film on the tube because it is incredibly invasive and I have double fouled by lifting youtube footage that was illegally shot.

I am such a rebel.