Urge to Archive / Journals project

A couple of years back I went through some of my old journals to see what I could find...

Urge to Archive / Journals project
One of the piles of journals.

So something I started a couple of years back was start going through some of my old journals and files and seeing what was there.

The first lot are genuinely old - most of these are off floppy disc. The journals these ones come from are in a box in the attic of a house that was sold a long time ag0. No matter, some of those days are best left behind really.

It's staggering to be confronted by an earlier version of yourself so clearly; all the doubt about your own talent, doubt about your 'right' to write because that was something other people did.

Seventh time though - poems from the late 80s.

The first heap is a dozen poems that nestle in one heap I am calling 'Seventh time through'.

Mostly they are about feeling. Having that, being in that state, wondering what it is exactly right to feel, being in and out of love with others and self, what shoud be let go, what kept, all the messy glorious richness of being young.

These are all 'phase one' poems - that is when I thought that I would write poetry 'properly', before I invested in Drama School 100%, so they are all from 1986-1989 and are from after the period I did the Creative Writing unit at Victoria.

Seventh Time Through - poems '86-'89.