War sonnets

Short sharp first responses to the invasion of Ukraine.

War sonnets

Short responces to the invasion of Ukraine.


there the training is all about the way you go into the fight
there the clothes are kevlar and faded

there the phonic bell scopes woogle plentiful muscle
there sirens in the shopping in the spotify on the 13 with three cameras
there ten lines deep a crush of want for safety
there we could but for the grace of and thankfully etc
there some time later we could have been ourselves just like
there drones / their drones / bees / queen bees / tsar kings
there leaving out and behind and leaving loss even just
there on the pavement your old life what’s gone on in spite of
there other than a kind of poverty of imagination nothing more
there fish heads nodding capers their heads roll
there in the square guts hanging from the charred tree
there a guitar sliding towards a border in a coffin


sonic waves thundering a beach coming nearer by the day
you are waiting waiting waiting
for someone to die / to make a new drama
catch catch catch you out making new parts for the explosion
rebounded dusk with sands around the ankle 
tidal standing in
your soft shell
zooming in i'm sorry
i'm sorry i'm having trouble with my connection
soft shelling over the horizon coming in
listening to lieder in the key of me me me
thinking and thinking and over thinking while
raining days above the underground while
timing out of peace and the waitiong of things to get better


long way down around dropped under and far away
things are both closer and further away but in alternating ratios
multiple overlapped waves over tide missiles
ridden back and forth silver air wave chasing
high over millisecond opinions micro news
branded war uniting speakers of one language
by closing their mouths via modern methods
packet tsunami techniques of nature too much
something compressed into not enough something else
gives you force to push something else onwards a view
panorama of your own myopic intent micro
macro bound in and transitioning continually they
you might say them you might say his intent
held over all of us by long tail effects of previous wars
no-one excused from the flip flop mania


just the intense ordinariness of it
just news and compelling at that
just action maybe a donation and the people
who are taking them in are on the radio
is there a possible compensation for losing everything
leaving behind the men new remote cultures of children/women
strong but spread who will gather in cultural centres
for years to come in other countries who will start
to forget start to begin to resent mirrors
of their own failing past national identity traumas
when they start taking our jobs and houses but still insist
on having their own identity which is the very thing
that we were applauding but not that strength the very thing
starts the journey towards becoming their oppressor


crime war wave war warm
war wart war overt war crimes
tied up and pushed down
tied down and pushed up
sex crime war crime ward
warmth loss flat tacked and lost
flayed until lost back family down lacking
skin remote called in the strike
food tossed metal tossed bones tossed
shallow bury war down wood to bone
rifle to head that is back of the head
seven point six six eu standard
shattered war life splints shard
blood soak earth bound gravity
heavy loss war loss everyone